See the Sections below for Permit Applications and          Submittal Requirements in CHD4.

Permit applications can be filed at the Highway District office, or submitted online to:                      (Please include Permit in the email subject line).  Permit fees can be paid in person at the Highway District office, or by phone with credit or debit card.

If you would like to make an appointment to apply for a permit, please call our office, 454-8135.

See the Forms and Maps page for all other applications

Oversize / Overlegal Permitting

All oversize/overlegal permitting within CHD4 is now overseen by Idaho Transportation Department through their Permitting Department.  CHD4 is electronically notified to review overlegal permit requests on highway district roads and bridges, and provides comment, conditions, or approval to ITD on these requests.  See ITD's Permit Home Page at 

Access Permits

A permit is required for any construction, reconstruction, or change in use of any access to the public highway system within Canyon Highway District No. 4.

Please complete the applicant portion of the permit application, and provide a site plan showing the address or parcel number, property boundaries, adjacent road(s), and proposed driveway location.

If no public road frontage is available for the proposed access location, evidence of a recorded access easement must be included with the application.

Permit fees vary by access type and are due before permit issuance.

Utility Permits

To submit a utility permit application for utility or maintenance work within the CHD4 right-of-way, please include the following:

  • Vicinity Map including street names, property address, or parcel number
  • Utility plan for new installations or non-routine maintenance, or reference plans previously approved by CHD4.
  • Temporary Traffic Control Plan
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance (see insurance requirements below)

Permit fees and deposits vary by construction type, and are due before permit issuance unless permit billing is arranged.  A construction deposit or bond is required for work within CHD4 right-of-way.  CHD4 will retain on file insurance certificates and bonds for utility work/permitting until expiration to expedite utility permit review.

Permit review and approval times may vary depending on staff workload.  Currently plan for 2-3 days for minor service line or repair jobs, and two or more weeks for linear projects or utility main extensions.  There are numerous job permits underway across the District, and permit start dates may be delayed to avoid overlap of construction zones or detour routes previously permitted.  Please plan ahead.

Setback Waiver


Set Back Waiver Application 71.92 KB 1895 downloads


Canyon County Code 07-19-10 establishes a 70-foot building setback from all section and quarter section lines for preservation of roadway corridors at one-half mile intervals.  CHD4 may waive or reduce this setback in certain instances:

  • Future ultimate right-of-way width and standard county building setback is less than 70-feet
  • No roadway is planned along the section or quarter section line, or an alternate alignment has been established
  • Terrain or other topographic features make roadway development impractical
  • Other nearby existing structures along the alignment have setbacks less than 70-feet

Include a site plan showing the property boundaries, any adjacent or affected public roads, the property address or parcel number, and the requested setback.  There is no fee for setback waivers that meet the above conditions and may be approved by staff.  A $150 fee is required for consideration of requests not meeting the exceptions outlined above, and is subject to approval by the CHD4 Board of Comissioners.

Special Use Permit


Application for Special Use Permit 195.25 KB 1953 downloads


Special Use permits are available for all other non-traffic uses of the public highways and rights-of-way, subject to approval by CHD4.  Approved uses include special events or temporary commercial uses where the use does not create hazards to safety, or unnecessarily impede traffic flows or property access.  These requests are approved on a case-by-case basis.  Please include the following information with a Special Use Permit application:

  • Location (affected roads, intersections, etc...)
  • Duration
  • Number of participants or description of proposed uses
  • Temporary Traffic Control Plan
  • Written approval from Canyon County Sheriff's Office (Traffic Division)
  • Certificate of Liability Insurance for the event or use, with CHD4 named as an additional insured