Canyon Highway District #4 (CHD4) is conducting a transportation planning study that will assist in the District’s planning efforts to the year 2045.  CHD4 anticipates study completion by the first quarter of 2019. The study will provide CHD4 with a comprehensive plan that incorporates demographics, roadway operations, safety, bridge/drainage infrastructure, multimodal travel, pavement maintenance, and funding. All these variables will assist in determining a short-term (6 years) and long-term (20 years) capital improvements plan.  Capital improvement plans provide a guide for implementing and funding future projects to improve safety, pavement condition, bridges, and other District transportation system needs.  CHD4 is eagerly seeking public input on the planning study during the course of the study’s development. In order to have consistent short-term and long-term planning goals/efforts between other stakeholders, CHD4 plans to continue collaborating with local transportation agencies that network into CHD4’s jurisdiction to better align these visions. CHD4 and the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), COMPASS, will provide the transportation planning data for the study.

CHD4 has contracted with Forsgren Associates, Inc. to complete a portion of the study items. The current phase of the study is developing Goals and Objectives of the transportation network, and evaluating existing conditions in terms of traffic volumes, safety, bridges, culverts, and roadway conditions. This will provide a basis for analyzing, identifying, and prioritizing projects to most efficiently meet the goals and objectives. Traffic projections along with data received from COMPASS will determine the needs of the transportation network in 2045.